Something really weird happened after I had Samantha.

Then it happened after I had Emerson.

It happened again after Lincoln.

Then after I had Nolan, it happened again.

The doctor and nurses just expected me to go home, nurse my baby, take care of it and raise it.

With no parenting manual.  Like I knew what I was doing.

Or maybe they forgot to give it to me.  I mean, I had the sheet that tells you a little about what to do for the first six weeks, but what happens after that?  Is Google all I have (I HOPE NOT!  Google is full of sanctimoms)? Is there a parenting manual that other moms got that I didn’t?  Maybe by the time I had Nolan, they assumed I was a pro.  “She already has a litter, she doesn’t need a manual.”

Look, I understand there probably isn’t one for having three kids back to back in 28 months.  I get that.  No one is that insane to try it (it’s crazy, let me tell you).  So I need to stop looking for that one.  However, there should be a solid manual.  People have been having kids forever.

If someone has one, can I borrow it?
Asking for a friend…

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