All things chaos

Guys, what is your nighttime routine?  Life is all about routines, and they are super important for kids.

In fact, kids need routines.  We have them in our house, we do the same thing everyday.  I am going to break this down for you.

  1. I come home from work, greet my kids.  I come home before my husband, so I am left alone with my kids until he relieves me for a break (haha yea right.  There are no breaks in parenting).
  2. There is a mess of some sort.  This was yesterdays fiasco.  Somehow crayons ended up on the floor 3 times.  (This is Nolan on the floor, I think he was the culprit).  I proceed to clean the mess up.
  3. I begin to make dinner.  My children are STARVING even though I know all they did was eat all day.  I am lucky enough to have Ems help me with dinner.  I usually just let her stir something.

I had to snap a photo of our playroom… I will clean it one day.  Maybe when all the kids move out.
Ems and I making dinner!


Nolan is helping do dishes (Not really because my dishwasher broke today so that means I need to do them .)

4. Me: As my I find my kids eating WHILE I AM COOKING:  “What are you doing?!  I am making dinner!”

My kids:  “I am hungry.  Can I have cereal?”

Me:  “Can you see I am making dinner?”

I turn around to see Ems eating whatever she is helping me cook.  I loose the fight.  At least she isn’t eating raw chicken.  It’s only garlic bread to go into the oven.

Ems eats while she helps…

5.  Me:  “Sam where are you?  What are you doing?”  I walk into the bathroom to find her with a waterbottle.

Sam:  “Its a calm down bottle.”

Me: (Scared to ask) “What does it have in it?”

Sam: “Toothpaste, water, hairspray, glitter.”

Me:  “that’s disgusting.  Why didn’t you ask me to help you?  I know how to make them.  You need to throw it out.  Did you see this on a DIY youtube video?”

Sam: “Yes.”

She sees one DIY youtube video and thinks she’s an expert.  I caught her yesterday fixing a squishie from a video.  There is still paint all over the table from that disaster.  I am learning if I have a tween, DIY videos are also dangerous.

5.  Finish making dinner.  I have no idea where my spaghetti spoon is, so a spatula is OK to use, right?

6.  My kids eat their dinner.  (Yea right with this one too.  They only love garlic bread. Can kids survive solely on garlic bread?)


7.  It’s time to make another mess!  Kids:  “Let’s get together and destroy.  Mom isn’t looking!  Quick, come here!  Let’s play with paint!”

8:  Somewhere in all of that my husband comes home.  (THANK GOODNESS!  I have backup now.  I love when I have reinforcements for the kids.)  I also missed him.

9:  Is 6:00 too early for me to go to bed?  Nolan says YES!

Photo courtesy of Ems (that’s why it’s blurry).


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