Have you reached the top of the mountain?

It’s said Noah’s Ark is on the top of Mount Ararat. People for centuries either searched for it or said they’ve found it. But if someone wanted to go seek it, what would they need? They would need to know that the hike up the mountain would be dangerous, life threatening, take a lot of endurance and stamina…among a lot of other things. Most of all it requires faith. Hope that when you reach the top, that you might find something amazing. If you dont, you are left with disappointment. Disappointment is crushing.

Trekking through daily life with my kids is the same way. Everyday I feel all of these things. Raising kids feels like climbing a mountain. Like the biggest mountain that ever exsitsted. It’s tough. Its the toughest job ever. It requires faith. A lot of it. It requires endurance. There are so many things to endure. Watching your kids get an illness. Watching them have uncontrollable meltdowns. Sleeplessness (that’s a big one). Watching them grow up. TANTRUMS.

Is it life threatening? You bet. Having an 8 year old throw some large object at you is. Trying to avoid a fist fight among the toddlers while driving is dangerous. Watching your kid fly off the sofa at rapid speed takes YEARS off of your life. All the caffeine required to parent isn’t good for you either.

Disappointment comes when you are scrubbing pee off of the carpet when your 4 year old (who was potty trained) had an accident.

In the middle of all of it yesterday, I stumbled upon the book of Ephisians. I read Ephisians 4:11 which talks about the certain jobs people are called to do. Teachers, evangelists, people to prepare God’s people for works of service… Is this not all parenting is? When we get down to it, push everything aside and our only goal as parents is to raise our kids knowing and loving Jesus and living out his words. All the other stuff is second.

And the struggle of daily life and the chaos of kids? Matthew 6:33 tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Man, that’s powerful when parenting seems like your deep in climbing a never ending mountain.

Live day to day and worry about nothing at all because tomorrow will take care of itself.

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