Chasing toddlers counts as a workout, right?

Me: Lincoln, you can’t ride the dog like a horse.

There comes a time during my breaks from school that I feel rested and relaxed enough to go back to work. I love working. Even if I didn’t have to work because we could survive on one income, I would probably choose to work. It gives me a sense of purpose other than being just a mom.

I think I hit that point when I saw Lincoln try to ride my mom’s dog as a horse yesterday.

However, summer vacation is great for a lot of things like:

Cleaning out ALL of the french fries from the back of my mom mobile

Finish knitting a scarf I started over Christmas break (for real)

Cleaning my room (actually my husband did that one…his ADHD really comes in handy sometimes!)

Reading more of the bible and more time to go to church!

Getting my cardio in (chasing toddlers all day counts as a workout, right)

Sleeping in (7:30 wake ups from Linc and Nolie do count as sleeping in)

Date nights! (Movie nights at home count, right)

As a mom, I struggle to take time for myself and take breaks from my kids. I think breaks are vital. Breaks from work, breaks from kids, breaks from the everyday stuff. Date nights are good for marriages and time away from kids as a couple are good. It’s hard to find time to do these things. It’s not easy balancing all the things. But what I realized in having all these kids is you can’t pour from an empty cup. There are three important ways to fill that cup:

Pray for guidance and help (the MOST important thing)

Take breaks

Ask for help

I’m a total control freak. I hide it well but I love to be in control of every situation in life. It’s hard for me to ask for help. The last couple weeks of school I felt like I was the emptiest cup that ever was. I was tired, I felt like I was just surviving. I needed a break. Thank goodness for summer break. It gives me so much rest and relaxation. It gives me time to reflect. It gives me time to take up a hobby. In this case, its knitting. I’ve come to LOVE knitting… at the sake of sounding old.

I’ll be knitting this summer, unless I am picking Lincoln off of the horse… I mean dog.

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