Are you living your best life?

What if we all lived our live like Linc and Nolie?

They don’t care about messes. They make them and don’t stress about cleaning them up.

They don’t watch what they eat….they eat EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IN SIGHT.

They play together (most of the time without fighting).

They don’t care about if they have dirt or food on their clothes… life goes on.

They eat as much birthday cake as they want…. and with their hands.

They don’t care where they play…I found them in a toy box today playing nicely.

They dont have a care in the world.

They are living their best life, right?

Not by a long shot.

It started with the preacher one Sunday morning at church. “You were saved to serve.” He said in his sermon. Saved to serve? What did that mean? How did it apply to me?

It’s summer vacation, of course. I’m looking on social media and people are posting about “living their best life”. I used to think that it meant vacations, money and things. Until that Sunday at church. And thinking about my own kids. And my job as a teacher, dealing with kids.

Living my best life is about serving the people around me. It means giving up my own wants and needs and putting others first. Serving others makes me really happy. It brings me a lot of joy when I am taking care of my kids. It’s a crazy life, but being a parent is a calling. Taking care of others is a calling. It is what we are designed to do. Why we are on this earth.

When stuff with the kids, life, finances gets crazy and stressful, I remember this one thing: I was saved by Jesus to serve others. It’s my main mission. It’s what it means to be living my best life.

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