Were we ever in charge?

Sam: Do you know unicorns are real? They found fossils of them. I saw it on Wikipedia.

Me: Everything on the internet isn’t real. There is no such thing as unicorns.

My husband: We are going unicorn hunting!

Ems: I want more dinner!

Me, looking at her plate… she hasn’t eaten anything: How can you want more when you haven’t eaten?

Meanwhile, my four year old nephew is on his third plate of my dinner…

Me at the end of today: I dont want to be in charge anymore.

My husband: Were we really ever in charge?

Probably not. We only think we have some sort of power. In reality, our kids hold all the power.

Sam was in the bathroom today for ten minutes. She came out an announced she dyed her hair. You cant trust tweens in the bathroom apparently. Who knew? At least it is washable… I hope.

I am scooping vanilla ice cream for EMS. She hates chocolate and she told me this again as I was scooping. I placed the ice cream on the table. I was eating chocolate ice cream. EMS pointed to mine and told me she wanted it.

Me: It is chocolate. You dont like chocolate.

Ems: I want ice cream!

Me: Yours is on the table.

Ems: I want that! (Pointing to mine). I eat chocolate at Nanas!

Sometimes we just can’t win.

At least it’s day 6 of summer vacation and we all are alive and still have our sanity (somewhat).

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