Where is the snail now?

I was the BEST PARENT EVER…. before I actually became a parent. I mean, weren’t we all?

I had ALL the ideas on how stop tantrums in public, my kids would always wear clean clothes in public, they would WANT to hang with me because they thought I was just that cool, they would never make a mess in a public restaurant…

Before and during college I worked in restaurants. I’ll never forget the messes these kids made in public. That’s when (me without kids… best parent ever) decided how my kids would be.

Then I had kids. Then the ideas shifted and changed. My kids throw temper tantrums in public, fight mercilessly in the car and Sam usually could care less if she could hang out with just me. She has friends, she would rather hang with them. My kids make messes everywhere they go. Think Hansel and Gretel, follow the trail of junk and food to find my kids.

Somedays my kids are bathed and dressed neatly, some other days they run around in diapers and tee shirts. Sometimes I take the time to make marshmallow pancakes with bacon, most other days its oatmeal and poptarts. Somedays they bite each other and somedays they cuddle each other. Somedays I’ve got it all together, somedays it’s all a hot mess. It’s all about balance guys.

The most important question we need to be asking ourselves:

WHERE IS THE SNAIL? What did Lincoln do with it? What is that white stuff he put in place of the snail? How did he stuff it in there?

We may never know the inner workings of a toddler’s mind.

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