Why is there a snail in a racecar?

What are the most important questions as we start our summer vacation?

Here they are:

Does having my kids swim in a pool count as a bath?

What are the best activities to wear my husband out?

How many cups of coffee are too many for me daily?


Why are my kids dirty when I just bathed them?

How many daily naps am I allowed??

Do snacks count as dinner?

What’s the world record for a kid saying “mommy”? My kids have surely surpassed it.

Am I allowed to just wear yoga pants until school starts again?

How does my house get so dirty when ALL I DO IS CLEAN?

So one of my students bought me a Polly Pocket as an end of the year gift. I was totally ecstatic because I used to play with them when I was little. I had no idea they still made them. I decided it was a good idea to share it with my kids. The toy came with a pink snail in it. Where is the pink snail now?

Can you see it? IT IS IN THE BACK OF LINCOLN’S TOY RACE CAR. How did he make it fit? There is no way to get it out without breaking it.

This is why we can’t have nice things guys.

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