Why do they put candy in the checkout line?

“Are they triplets?” A man asked me at Walmart today.

Maybe it’s just me, but there is no way these three look alike.  Nevertheless, I get that all of the time!   It’s mostly about Lincoln and Nolan.  People think they are twins.  I don’t see it.

So Sundays are the days I venture out with my babies (usually only the three of them) to food shop.  If you see the picture of Nolan’s face, that pretty much sums up the mood of the trip.  Insanity.  Lincoln literally took a Three Musketeers bar from the checkout line and put it in his mouth with the wrapper on.  WHY do they put candy, soda and toys in the checkout line?  WHY WHY WHY WHY?  Is it to torture parents?  It’s the first thing my kids go after.

I got frustrated somewhere in the Mexican/Asian food aisle.  Lincoln had lost a shoe, hit his sister, broke a toy car and Nolan had sat on the box of oatmeal, smashing it with his butt.   I don’t know why I voluntarily take them in public by myself.  A woman who was stocking the shelves mentioned that they were sweet and cute.  She has no idea how much destruction they are capable of.

Although it’s chaotic, I do have some rules I live by when I grocery shop with the babies.

  1. I park next to a cart in the parking lot so I can easily put the babies into one and don’t have to search for one.
  2. I always make a list at home prior to shopping.  I write down the things I need for 5 nights worth of dinners.  I usually don’t buy things that are not on the list.  I try by best to stick to the stuff I need only.
  3. I try and make it quick.  I know what I am there for and don’t usually wander the aisles (like I might if I was kid less).
  4. My kids like to help, so I give them the job of unpacking the cart in the checkout.  This also minimizes kids reaching for candy.
  5. Sundays are my days to shop for the week.  You won’t find me at the store on a weeknight unless we absolutely need something.

If the Walmart near my house did the grocery pickup, I would do that.  Since it doesn’t, I am forced to brave shopping with my kids.  Ems is always the one that loves to go with me.

Somehow, we always survive the trip to the store.  It always amazes me when I have gotten the food home and in the fridge and kids home.  Nothing was broken, no kids went missing and I got everything on the list.  AND sometimes my kids are even complimented on how good they are.

Until next Sunday…. who knows what might happen.

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