Is life really better with a beard?

Beards.  Some people love them and some people hate them.

My husband loves them, I don’t like them.  I’m more of a scruff person.  I have been nagging him to shave his beard.  Some people told him that his beard was epic, so I think it got to his head and he refused to shave.  His mom and I didn’t like it but he kept it anyways.  I actually had thoughts of cutting it in his sleep so it would go away.  The only reason I didn’t do that is because I was afraid he may retaliate and snip some of my hair, and I am trying to grow it back out.  Tonight he finally shaved it off for me.  When Nolan saw his dad without a beard, he had a crying fit.  He had no idea who his dad was.  It was hilarious.

The next thing he needs to cut is his hair.  I told him I wanted him to get it faded.  I told him I would do it…. because I saw a tutorial on you tube on how to fade hair, so I feel confident I could attempt.  Actually, I did attempt once on Lincoln.  It was a failure.  Someone with no experience can not fade a wild toddlers hair.  I ended up buzzing it all off after I ruined his fade.  Poor kid.  At least he is too young to know what I tried to do to his hair.  Maybe I should leave hair to the professionals.  At least one thing in life is guaranteed:  a bad hair cut will always grow out.

Tonight my husband was drinking a Dr. Pepper.  He said his drink tasted funny.  He said, “My beard made everything better. Maybe my Dr. Pepper doesn’t taste right because I don’t have my beard.”  Really?  He was totally serious too.  Can we add that to the great mysteries of life?  I mean, does something you are used to really make your life better?  I know a beard can’t.  What is it with guys and beards?  Wait. the answer has got to be in a manual for husbands. Does anyone know if this handbook actually exists?  Let me know.

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