What am I going to find down my air vents?

I’m elbow deep down an air vent.

Why?  I’m searching for an earring that fell down it.  I’m wondering why I am even going in an air vent and trying to look for it.  I’m not even sure which earring it is.  This is insane.

Ems was playing with earrings (after I told her not to) and dropped one or multiple (I have no idea) down the vent.  I found her with the vent taken apart, searching for it.  I didn’t find it, but I did find interesting things down it.  There was a bracelet, earring backs and a paint brush.  HOW DID A PAINTBRUSH FIT DOWN THIS AIR VENT?  Who threw it down?  How long has it been there?  Why was there a paintbrush in the girl’s room to begin with?  There are so many questions.  It got me wondering what I may find if I took apart my air vents.  Would I find money, my husband’s car keys (which he has been missing for awhile, so he can’t drive his car), my sanity?  What do my kids throw down the vents?  I’m genuinely curious.  In fact, I am so curious that I might actually take them apart to look.  Some of the vents you can take the top off because they aren’t screwed in, so really anything could have been thrown in there.

Sam likes the movie Bird Box.  I’ve seen it, it’s a pretty decent movie.  A lot of the quotes of the movie can be applied to living with toddlers.  This one is seriously on point: “It’s going to be rough.  It’s going to feel like it’s been going on for a long time, so it’s going to be hard to stay alert… You have to do everything I tell you or we won’t make it.”   My kids are still working on the “do everything I tell you” part.  I think it may kick in around the age of 25.  Who knows.

Until then, I’ll be drinking all the coffee I can and searching for lost objects down air vents.

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