What did I do with NO kids this afternoon?

What is the best sound ever?  The sound of silence.  Peace and quiet.  It’s blissful.

I came home today from work to an empty house.  My husband was driving from dropping Juju off and had all of the kids.  I was alone.  So what did I do?  What any mom would do.  Nap?  Relax?  No.  Try and clean my house and make lasagna for dinner (I never got through cleaning the house.  That actually may take weeks).

My husband asked me if I was bored without the kids.  What?  Bored?  Seriously?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Literally laugh out loud.  No.  Not in the least.  It was amazing.  I thought that this would be nice more often, but I did miss my babies a lot.

So back to that lasagna (one of my favorite cheap meals), how did I know I made it good enough to eat?

Lincoln licks his plate clean.  See picture below.  And there was no food on the floor and no left overs on his plate.

I believe my three littles are going through a growth period.  They eat dinner, then eat more dinner.  Ems and Lincs ate three plates.  I guess being a picky eater doesn’t matter when you are growing.  I can just feel my grocery bill going up.  And I try and keep it below $100 a week, which is usually possible (I’ll share my tips for dinners and food shopping in another post).  I don’t think that’s going to be realistic in the coming months.  I fear the teenage years when my boys will want to eat through everything.  We may have to get second jobs just to pay for food.  Seriously.

I snapped this picture of my husband tonight.  Yes, that is him wrapped in a child’s paw patrol fuzzy blanket.  You will never meet a bigger child in your life.  He is my sixth child literally.  I think every wife can relate.  He’s always doing silly things like this.  The other day I caught him in the pool wearing Ems headbands being silly.  Seeing him do these things is a good reminder not to take everything so serious all of the time.  It’s good to be silly and play with your kids.  They are only kids for a short time.


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