What are the positives to having tons of kids?

Sometimes I just feel like negativity breeds all around me.  I haven’t written the last two nights because honestly, I didn’t know what to say.  I want a lot of my blog to be really funny.  That’s the main point of this blog.  But the stuff I was writing last night just wasn’t that.  Along with negativity I was hearing all around me, I felt like I was in a slump.

It’s May, the school year is almost over, of course I’m excited but I am also really busy and tired.  I suggested doing treat bags for the whole third grade.  That’s like 56 kids.  That means 56 treat bags.  No big deal when you live with kids who LOVE making treat bags.  Sam makes treat bags for Christmas for my students each year.  Here are my little worker bees:20190526_1528001537452861801691805.jpg

After the three of them sorted their stuff out and stopped arguing over who was doing what, they got to work.  It took them like 20 minutes.  Sam even told me, “Mom, go in the pool.  We got this.”  So I did.  I went in the pool, lounged on the float and could actually relax.  So this got me thinking of all the positive things about having A LOT of kids and being a mom.

  1. You always have a helper.  I’m just waiting on the day when the three babies can load the dishwasher.  Sam already washes dishes and cleans her room.  It’s wonderful.
  2. You always have people around to play with you.  And they actually want to play with you.  Until their a tween.  Then they have friends of their own.
  3. You will have someone to take care of you when you are old.  (Assuming they don’t want to put you in a nursing home and take all of your stuff).
  4. Being a mom forces me to do things I thought I’d never do.  Like wear yoga stretchy pants in public.  During the day.
  5. You are constantly busy.  Being busy is a good thing for me personally.  It means I don’t have time to sit around and mope.  I like being busy with my kids.
  6. You get to pass on all of your awesome knowledge to your kids.
  7. My kids ALWAYS have someone to play with.  They may not always like each other, but they must play with each other.
  8. When you have no conversation topics for friends, coworkers, husband, you can ALWAYS talk about the crazy things kids do.
  9. Playmates with kids open up chances for adult mom friends.
  10. You go gray earlier in life.  It’s seriously a thing now to go gray completely.  I’m fortunate I don’t have to pay to go gray.  It’s 100% natural if I stop dying it.
  11. Kids are hilarious.  There is NEVER a dull day in our house.  I never know what my kids will say or do.  Every day is something different and exciting.

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