What is a tween?

If you have a tween, let me assure you I am praying for you.  For those of you who have no idea what a “tween” is, don’t worry.  I didn’t know that was a real term until a year ago.  I had to google it.  I blog about the struggles with three littles, but nothing, I mean NOTHING can prepare you for a tween.

A tween is a kid ages 8-12.  Sam falls into the category as an 8 year old.  Once she hit 8 last summer, it began.  I was SO unprepared and had no idea how things would change.  There is no manual.  No guide.  We are winging it here.  It’s scary.

So what are some characteristics of a girl tweenager?

  1.  They think their parents are rich, so they ask for either a) money or b) all the expensive things.  Meanwhile, they are hoarding their own money.  Sam has had a dollar in her purse forever.  She won’t part with it to buy anything.  But if she wants something, she won’t hesitate to ask for my money.
  2. They think they know it all.  This is a big one here.  You can’t teach a tween anything, because they will fight with you about it to the ends of the earth.  How to win a battle with a tween?  Let them win.  Let them think they know it all.  Adulthood will come soon enough.  Then they will be saying “Mom was right.  Why didn’t I listen to her?”
  3. They rule their siblings.  There is a reason Sam has earned the nickname “Dictator”.  She rules the babies.  There is nothing they do that Sam doesn’t try and interfere with.  Again, she knows it all so she tries to be mini mom.  I mean she literally pushes me away and says “mom, I got this.” when the babies need me.  She also makes the rules.
  4. Blackheads and pimples.  My sweet little girl’s baby skin is no more.  She is breaking out!
  5. You catch them talking about boys.
  6. They have friends, and it is not mom or dad. Sam would spend her time at her cousins, grandmoms or nanas and papas before she would want to hangout with me.
  7. They use technology better than you.  They even know how to text, and I have never taught Sam how!  I caught her texting her cousin the other day without me knowing, ON MY PHONE.
  8. They sun tan all summer.  Sam frequently goes outside, and “works on her tan”.  She is 8.  Why does she need a tan?!
  9. They shop at Justice.  Everything they love is at that store.  They need all things sequin, glittery, shiny and sparkly.  This is a big one.  Walmart clothing isn’t cutting it anymore.  Hand me downs aren’t cool.  But when I say Justice, Sam’s eyes light up.
  10. It’s ALL about the attitude.  Eye rolling.  Hair flipping.  Hand motions.  It’s just a teenage girl in a little body.

So with this said, what are my tips for surviving the tween years?  Hhahaha.  I don’t have any.  Guys this is a new territory for us.  We are about to have two tween girls too (At 9 and 8 years old).  Usually when there is a problem with one of our girls, we look at each other with scared big eyes.  We are venturing into unknown waters.

Meanwhile, pray for us.  If you happen to have a manual for tween girls, let me know.  I’m looking for one.

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