What’s the day between Saturday and Sunday called?

Guys, miracles do happen.  I did it.  I wore these kids out!  And I have photographic evidence.  These kids were OUT.  And they stayed out for about two hours on our drive home from the beach today.  The silence was great.  Sam and I could eat our cheeseburgers in peace and we could chit chat without babies fighting all the way home.  It was magical.

How can this be accomplished?  A weekend running at the beach and keeping them BUSY.  In the years I have had kids, I have learned that busy kids-=happy kids.  However, in my own mission to constantly entertain these kids, I need a weekend for my weekend.  Wearing kids out takes a lot of energy and planning on my part.  How is it Sunday night already?!  Wasn’t it just Friday?  Can there be a day between Saturday and Sunday?

Another thing that happened over the weekend…

Which one of the three littles did that?  Think you know?  If you guessed Lincoln, you’d be right.  I guess he thought that this was an apple.  He quickly found out it was a tomato.

When you can’t find your kids, where are they usually?  Silence is a scary thing when it comes to kids.  I recommend always looking under tables.  Here you can find them snacking.  Why do kids hide when they snack?  It’s not like parents don’t know snacks go missing… or where to find the snack thieves.

My husband brought me home some candy from the store today.  Sam got ahold of it and was helping herself.

Husband: “Sam it’s right before bed.  No more candy.”

Sam: *taking on piece out of the bag for later while stuffing her face full of candy, then handing him the bag*…

And lastly, I was in Dollar General Friday buying my kids sandals for the beach.  I had three pairs in my hand (one for Sam, Ems and Lincs).

The man in front of me glanced at the shoes and said, “Couldn’t decide which shoes you wanted?”

Me: “These are for my kids.  We are going to the beach and need sandals.”

Man: (Looking shocked) “How many kids do you have?” (If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this, I’d be a RICH girl.)

Me: “We have five, but three of them need sandals.”

Man: “I’ll pray for you.  I only have two. That’s enough for me.”

Me: “Thanks.  Please do pray for me.  I need all the prayers I can get.”

Man: “You look so young to have 5 kids.  You don’t even have any grey hair!”

Me: (Laughing) “I need to dye it.  I have tons of it.”

That’s the truth.  If I didn’t dye it, I’d have TONS of grey.  Surprisingly a lot of them came after I had Lincoln.  Ironic?  I think not.


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