Is it possible to survive a beach trip with 6 kids?

I am sitting down after a long day to write my daily blog.

“MOM!  Emmy peed on the floor!”  It literally never ends.  I can’t sit down for three seconds most days.

I had no intentions of doing anything today.  At all.  Until my brother’s girlfriend messaged me and asked if I was going to the beach.

I wasn’t planning on it, I know taking my kids anywhere is insane.  She said she would help me with them.  She must be a saint, wanting to help me.  She doesn’t know how crazy it can get. I have only met her a couple of times, but her wanting to help me with the circus makes me like her already.

So how do you survive a trip to the beach with kids?!

Is it even possible to survive a trip to the beach with kids?

Yes…. but you need to bring reinforcements. We had four adults for six kids (my four year old nephew came too). Is that enough adults per kids? No. Not nearly enough.

This was Lincoln the WHOLE time…

On the run. It was never ending. He wasn’t afraid of the waves. He was fearless.


Let me explain why a ratio of one adult to one child is needed on a trip to the beach.

Lincoln spent the whole time running in and out of the waves.

Nolan tried to touch the dead jellyfish on the beach.

Lincoln needed to be changed.  I needed to go find a bathroom to change him.  I was carrying him to the bathroom, I changed him and went back to the beach.

Ems wandered halfway down the beach, searching for seashells.

We did kid counts every couple of minutes.

Kids were all over the place, running in all directions.  At the end of the day, my brother’s girlfriend asked, “Is this what it’s like everyday?”

Yes…all day, everyday.  Life with these kids shocks people.  I get asked that all the time.

But today when I had a second to just scroll through social media, I saw a saying that spoke to me.

“You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.”  Whoever coined that saying, thank you.  I am reminded that I don’t have to be perfect, I just need to be a present mom to be great and love those kids.

Just don’t look at the inside of my hot mess car.














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