How does one survive the warzone?

Have you ever had a plastic barbie doll body thrown at you that was headless, legless and armless?

Me either… until I entered the warzone (aka the boy’s bedroom). I went into the boys room and saw Ems on a dresser, about to jump off. At just the right moment, a barbie doll whizzes by my head.

It’s really dangerous going into that room. I never know what I am walking into, what I might find, or what might be whizzing through the air.

How do you keep safe? Don’t enter the room. Just stand outside of the room and dictate directions in there. Hope the boys will listen. Repeat as needed.

Sam was working on the computer today.

My husband: “Sam its dinnertime. Put the computer away where the boys can’t get it.”

So that got me thinking. Where is that exactly? Is there even such a place where the boys won’t get into things? Alaska perhaps? Is that far enough away? Maybe a remote island in the middle of nowhere?

Ems, Lincs, and Nolan have one main mission daily: Search and Destroy everything in site. They really are great at accomplishing their mission.

My husband went to the men’s meeting at church tonight, leaving me alone with the kids (yay). We all survived.

So after the chaos of the day, whats a mom to do? Relax of course! I bought this book like two months ago and really wanted to read it since it was on Oprah’s book list. Usually she has great books on her list. Before kids, I read ALL THE TIME. I miss having the time for it. I took it for granted so badly. So here I am. Relaxing.

Just kidding. There is no relaxing and I don’t have time to read. I have no idea what it means to relax. Sounds nice though. Two months later and I’ve only read one chapter. Maybe I’ll finish it when the kids are grown. Hey, I think I found my new hashtag.

#iwillrelaxwhenthekidsaregrown #endthechaos #17moreyears

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