How do you get a free haircut?

My husband and I were giving the three littles a bath tonight. We have all of the kids out of the bathtub and I am drying one of the boys off and putting a diaper on them. Behind me, I feel Ems pulling on my ponytail. She’s pulling pretty hard. I turn around to see what she is pulling my hair for.

She has scissors and is trying to cut my hair.

My hair is a decent length, but if she had succeeded, a lot of my hair would have been gone. I don’t even want to think about where she could have gotten the scissors OR the idea to cut my hair. It’s a good thing I caught her.

Me: “Don’t ever cut mommy’s hair!”

Ems: “Yes sir ma’am!”

The kids found a new hangout spot. They busted open the TV stand (which is old anyway) and go behind it. Ems went first, and Lincoln has to follow her of course. Ems is even opening up the backing to let her brother in! Again, this is why we can’t have nice things. We can’t buy a new TV stand because of toddlers.

Caught them in the act…

When I get home from work, the kids love to climb all over me. I’m pretty exhausted when I get home so I don’t even care that I am a human jungle gym. At least they aren’t attacking each other.

Ems: Victory is mine!

And of course, they all have to follow what Emmy does and climb on me… Still trying to figure out why the boys follow Emmys lead…

She may make a good president one day.

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