What will we find in the toilet?

“It’s bad, but it’s not that bad.”  My husband yells as he is plunging the toilet.

Not that bad?  What is that supposed to mean?  Does it mean the toilet water hasn’t hit the floor yet?  Or does it mean a child hasn’t thrown a toy into it to make it overflow?

But… he said it was bad.  Does that mean a child is in the toilet?  Does it mean we need to fish a toy out of the toilet?  Is there dirty water all over my floor?

THIS COULD MEAN SO MANY THINGS.  How can something be bad…but not that bad?  I’m so confused…and scared at the same time.

I’m terrified to go in my bathroom.  I mean literally terrified at what I might find.  For me, there is nothing worse than cleaning up the bathroom.  I wouldn’t consider myself a huge germaphobe, but the bathroom freaks me out.

So, after my husband says that to me,  I am frantically screaming, “What!  What happened?”  I’m thinking Lincoln has made his way into the toilet somehow.

I see him plunging the toilet.  It’s hilarious to me when I realize it’s bad, but it’s not that bad.  Only a little water got onto the floor.

Disclaimer:  I knew the toilet was clogged.  We went on a walk and I noticed it before we went.  I was just hoping that my husband would see it and fix it.  I really didn’t feel like dealing with it.  And I was right.  He did see it and fix it.  But when he said it was bad, that worried me.

Whoever said that a wife won’t start an argument with their husband while they are doing housework was SPOT ON.  There is NO WAY I would ever fight with my husband while he is plunging the toilet.  In fact, in a way, it makes me happy he is doing the dirty work I don’t want to do.

Before this fiasco, I made dinner. It’s sitting on the table.  It’s Asian, and usually, my kids love Asian food.  Ems has dinner right in front of her.  So what does she do?  She takes a pack of crackers and tries to open it.

Ems: “I’m hungry.   Me want crackers.”


Lincoln: Tries to get poundcake, but won’t touch his dinner.

Nolan: I fed him a plate.  I assumed he was done when he spit his food out.  When he got out of his highchair, he climbed on top of the table and stuck his hand into the pot of dinner and started stuffing his face.


2 thoughts on “What will we find in the toilet?

  1. I’m blessed with kids that have never been interested in the toilet, though my husband and I used to try to prepare ourselves by imagining everything they could possibly throw in. Our youngest is only 2, so I still pray that if she is going to do something, she’ll do it under daddy’s watchful eye. I clean the bathrooms, but absolutely hate it.

    Though our daughter did once put tissues in the toilet before going to collect her 16 inch Minnie plushie and heading for the bathroom. Luckily she hasn’t done that again since I screamed at her and scared her to tears.


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