When does Lincoln find time to destroy?

How do you raise boys in the country?  (See picture below)

Would you believe that Lincoln was fully dressed today and looking decent? (AND we made it to church early) What happened between church and when he was outside playing?  How did he lose all of his clothes?  I remember…. he went outside, found a dirt pile that HAD WATER and Linca smashed it.  Water was all over his clothes, dirt was on his face and in his hair.  Of course, Nolan had to follow his big brother.  Nolan, however, thought it would be a good idea to actually EAT the dirt.  Whoever said that a “boy was a noise with dirt on it”, did you coin that saying after you met Lincoln?  That saying IS LINCOLN.  Sometimes it’s truly easier to just not dress these boys.

My husband said we needed pens so he could do his homework today.

Me: “We have pens.  We have like 300 pens in a big bag.”

Husband: “The blue bag?  The one under Lincoln’s bed?”

Me: “Yes.”

Husband: “I threw them out.”

Me: “WHY?  They were fine!  Why did you throw them out?”

Husband: “Lincoln broke them all in half.  Every single one.”

Both of us: “Is there anything Lincoln won’t destroy?”

When does Lincoln find time to do all of this destruction?  Is it after hours when we are all in bed?  I just don’t get when he does it.  It’s a serious mystery.

Meanwhile, I bought a tub of cool whip and Reeses because it’s Mother’s Day so why not?

Sam: “I am helping you eat it so you won’t get fat.”

(There is a tub of cool whip she is hiding behind her back.)  She looks super guilty doesn’t she?  She is so considerate eating my junk food though so I “won’t get fat”.  Just another day.

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