How do I wear these kids out?

Saturday.  The main mission of the day?  Wear these kids out at all costs.  I don’t know about your kids, but mine have insane amounts of energy.  It’s unreal.  One kid alone has endless amounts of energy, but I have three little ones…so it never ends.

My kids could have spent all day bouncing on inflatables today without getting tired.  Actually, we effectively succeeded in our mission.  The boys took one car nap to and attempted another car nap on the way home.  They had fun so it was worth it.

So what are the BEST ways to wear energetic kids out?

  1. The park.  The best part?  It’s free.  I prefer the parks with the fences because it’s hard to keep up with three little people running in different directions.
  2. Outdoor splash pads.  Columbia has a bunch I took my kids to last summer.  Myrtle Beach has one too.  The best part of those?  They are also free!
  3. We got a pool in the backyard. You can guess where you might find us lounging all summer.
  4. We also have a swing set in the yard.  Best purchase we made. Our yard is fenced in so we don’t have to worry about kids wandering off.
  5. Walk with the kids.  I am wanting to do more of this.
  6. Blog with mommy after a long day (see picture below).

The best part of having three kids so close together is they always have someone to play with.  They always do play with each other.  Ems and Lincoln love to play together and do all of the time.  Nolan runs after them and tries too, but he is still little for a lot of the things they like to do.

Tomorrow’s mission will be the same.  Sundays are already busy though.  We food shop and go to church.  I also wash all of the sheets and blankets and get ready for school on Mondays.  My weekends are pretty routine also.  But it’s Mother’s Day!

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