Can routines be broken?

Look!  Picture proof that my kids (sometimes) are loving to each other!

Seriously, when Ems wants to she can be really sweet.   She usually is sweet and wants to give all the hugs and kisses when she is supposed to be in bed… or does something wrong or wants something from us.

Is it possible to have TWO chaos free nights in a row (for the first time EVER)?  YES!  I’ll explain how we did it.

Tonight my husband and I were talking.  We had a fight last night that led to a very good realization.  Without having that fight, we may not have come to it.  One of our main problems is that we don’t get out of the house often, besides work.  We have the same. routine. every. day.  And it’s mundane.  I’m home by 4, make dinner, eat by 5:30-6, give the kids baths, get them to bed by 7.  Then I clean and he does homework and we go to bed.  We never deviate from the schedule.  We don’t go out on school nights.  I like the schedule and I like going to bed early on school nights.  I thrive on sleep.  I love it.  You won’t find me staying up late on a school night ever.  But I didn’t realize until last night and tonight how that affected our lives.

Tonight I got home from work and I was preparing to do the normal routine.  I was looking up some Asian chicken recipe to make for dinner.  My husband suggested we go out and eat.

Go out.  In public.  With our kids?

At first, I said no way.  Our kids are destructive and I can’t handle the chaos in public.   But then I thought about it and I agreed to it.  So we did.  We went for pizza and ice cream.  My kids were good.  No meltdowns or destruction at all.  They were smiling and having a great time.  We got home and I suggested a walk.  So we got the stroller, put the kids in and walked to my inlaws house and back home.  It was a great night.  The kids were so well behaved.  It was unusual.

We realized that getting out of the house with the kids, (even though taking them out is a daunting task) is really important for us AND the kids.  Even if it’s as simple as taking a walk down the street.  I’m all for routines, but I think that sometimes they need to be broken and it can positively impact things.  It did for us.

We are even going to try and take them out tomorrow.  Hopefully, we will survive and come back with all of the kids intact.  Can I hope for THREE chaos free days?  I mean, it is Mother’s Day weekend, right?  I deserve it.

So this weekend, get out of your house and try something out of your routine!  I know we will.


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