How do I handle my mom guilt?

Lincoln and Nolan work great as a team.  Look at this teamwork.  They did a great job working together destroying their room.  I promise I did actually clean their room last weekend and even vacuumed it.

You would have no idea I cleaned it, would you?

How do you be the best parent and raise kids effectively?  I’ve compiled a list to help with that question.

  1.  NEVER buy nice or expensive stuff.  It will go missing or end up in the toilet.
  2. Do not buy a new car.  Sooner or later goldfish and/or french fries will end up on the floor.
  3. Don’t bother making veggies for dinner.  Did you know that food magically ends up in the toilet or trash can?  We used to have a “mystery guest” who did all of the bad stuff my kids “didn’t do”. HAHA!
  4. Ditch the bedtime routines.  Kids don’t sleep anyways.

On a real note, sometimes I have mornings I leave for work and my kids are awake I have a hard time getting out of the door.  Sometimes they cling to my leg crying for me to stay.  It really does break my heart.  I have been having some extreme mom guilt lately about working and having to leave home.  How do I handle my mom guilt?

Here are 5 ways:

  1.  I remember that studies show that moms who work outside the home grow into happy people.
  2. I am setting an example for my kids to show them it’s important to work to live.  (Sam said she wants to be like me and be a teacher…among her million other aspirations).
  3. I remember I am providing a house, food, a car and other needs for my kids.
  4. They get a break from me, and I get a break from them.  I love them, but I can’t expect to be by their side 24/7.  They do need independence from me.
  5. I remember that there is always summer vacation, Christmas break, spring break to spend with my kids.  I am lucky enough to work in a career where I get tons of time off to spend with my babies.

Mom guilt is a real thing.  But the thing that really helps is that I really do work in a job I love.  I know I am leaving my house to work with students who really need me.  It makes it all worth leaving.

How do you handle your mom guilt?

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