Is it possible to have a chaos free day?

How do you celebrate the middle of the week?  We do whipped cream shots.  

We also need to celebrate something else.  I came home from work, cooked dinner and there were NO meltdowns, NO WWE matches, NO bloodshed, NO hairpulling/biting… nothing.  No chaos.  Is it a full moon tonight?  Does anyone know? Feels like it.  Something has to be going on.  I mean, something always happens in my house.  But, Ems isn’t home tonight so that could be why the house is so calm.  I think this means she is at the root of all the chaos in my house.  And the whole time, I assumed it was Lincoln.  Maybe I was wrong about always having unlimited content.  Today I am not really sure what to write about since nothing happened.

And then to top it off, MY KIDS ATE ALL OF THEIR DINNER (I made this ramen chicken noodle creation and my husband made raw fries) WITH NONE THROWN ON THE FLOOR.  My kids have not gotten out of bed (but Lincoln is kicking the wall in his bedroom.  But hey, we can’t win them all).  Guys, this is proof that miracles happen.  They did tonight at my house.

Wait, I spoke too soon.  Sam is now yelling about the boys.  A mom can dream though, right?  I think the only reason Sam is so easy to put to bed this week is because of SCReady testing.  Her teacher told her to get a good night sleep (and you know, naturally she would listen to her teacher over her mom WHO TELLS HER TO GET A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP EVERYNIGHT).  But I guess her teacher trumps me.  Anyways, Sam is taking it seriously.  Maybe I need to email her teacher to tell her to stress to Sam to be good for me too.  Just an idea.  Maybe it would work.

Wait… I did speak to soon.  Since Lincoln and Nolan were being loud in their rooms I went to see what was happening.  Lincoln pulled all of his clothes from his drawer, pulled his curtain down and threw pants and ribbon in Nolan’s crib.  I guess I was wrong.  No day can be a chaos-free day.

Sam’s made it clear she doesn’t think it’s funny.  It’s ok because I’m currently eating my kid’s Easter candy.  Do you eat your kids Easter candy?  It sounds mean but think of it like this: I housed them for 9 months, gave birth, recovered from the birth, breastfed, cater to their every want and need, so a couple pieces of candy is only fair.  I’m doing them a favor.  Usually, I try to hide eating candy and ice cream in my room and lock the door.  Tonight, I’m doing it out in the open.   I’m being rebellious.

Oh well, here’s to hoping tomorrow will be chaos free.

#chaosrunsmylife may be my new hashtag.


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