How many versions of yourself would you need?

Just another day where I find my son on the table.  No big deal.

I got asked again, “How do you do it all?”  Guys, I can’t stress enough that it while it may look like I do it all, I really don’t.  I physically can’t.  I have thought about how I could do it all and keep my sanity.  I came up with one idea: I need multiple versions of myself, like a clone.  If you could have multiple yous how many would you have?  These are thoughts that seriously consume my mind.  Because I really want to do it all.

So when I thought about this, this what I came up with.

5 versions of me for each of my kids (to spend quality time with them).

1 version to work a full-time job to pay all my bills.

1 version to work part-time for vacation money.

1 version to just CLEAN my house (because it really is a full-time job).

1 version to hang out with my husband and go on dates.

18 versions of me (one for each student so I can really teach them one on one).

1 version to just get some “me time”.

1 version to take over when the original me gets sick.

1 version to just sleep (I LOVE sleep!)

1 version to run errands (grocery shop, pick up medicines… did you know I went to Walmart like 4 times over Spring Break to pick up medicine?  This could be a full-time job!)

1 version to cook all meals.. this is also a full-time job.  Man, can my boys EAT!!

1 version to go back to school and get my masters…

So that’s like 33 versions of me.   I really could use them all.  Who else is exhausted?  How can I make these multiple versions of me?

Luckily for me, we have A LOT of family help.  That’s the secret to it all.  Raising tiny humans really takes a village.  I know I couldn’t do it alone.  I expressed that to my husband today.  His response?

It’s not that hard.

What?  Are we living with and raising the same children?  I’m still trying to figure out if he was serious or sarcastic.   I’m confused.   Maybe that is my new hashtag: #it’snotthathard.  That’s a man for you.

If someone knows how to build a rosie the robot or make multiple versions of youself, let me know.  I’ll trade a kidney for a full night’s sleep, clean house and full fridge of food.

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