Will the chaos EVER end?

Monday.  How was yours?  Mine was normal.  Just the usual, you know.  Toddlers jumping off furniture onto the bed, climbing into the TV stand to hang out…

Fly, Ems, fly!  (She actually said, “Look, Mommy!” and jumped.)


I’m going to assume they are meeting to plot their next destructive move…

DOES THE CRAZINESS EVER END?  In my house, it doesn’t.  I’m actually worried I might run out of content to write about, but when I come home and my kids do something ridiculous and I realize I’m good for the next 18ish years.  My house is always a zoo, circus, rodeo (insert your favorite noun).  My kids do something insane every day.  You guys know, you see my picture proof.  Pictures don’t lie.

Thankfully Mother’s Day is Sunday so at least I can use that as an excuse to get a break.  Wait…what’s a break?  I think I remember having something like that before kids.  It’s a distant memory.  It sounds nice though.  On a real note, I did take a nap after work thanks to my husband letting me.  I consider that a break.

All I can say is…

Because Reeses make a lot of things better.  Especially if you dip them in cool whip.  Then eat ALL of the cool whip.  Did someone say stretchy yoga pants… And to think, it’s only Monday.

On a real note, I try to remember my favorite bible verse to get me through the longs days: Philippians 4: 6-7 “Don’t worry about anything but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God.”

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