Who needs sleep anyway?

Even the most destructive toddlers will eventually crash from exhaustion.  It must be really hard being two years old.  Where was Lincoln today?  Passed out on his Nana’s sofa.  I had to get a picture of this.  I found it really funny.

However, nap times are not a joke.  My boys NEED naps.  I NEED them to take naps.  Without naps they are winey, unpredictable and angry little people around 5:00.

What about car naps?  I don’t like them at all unless we are driving to and from the Beach (which we do every other weekend) and it can’t be avoided.  When my boys nap, I nap (on the weekends when I don’t work).   Whoever said “nap when the baby naps” is a genius.  DO THIS.  Don’t clean, don’t watch tv, don’t do anything but sleep.  I learned that you need to recharge because life with toddlers kids is EXHAUSTING.

My boys are pretty good sleepers for the most part.  My girls are not.  We begin bedtime routines at 6:30-7:00 on school nights and my girls are in bed by 7:30.  Does that mean they are asleep? HAHAHAHA no.  They may not go to bed until 9.  Is this because they aren’t tired?  No.  I can see the exhaustion on their face.  They usually spend this time fighting.  They are fighting over the music on their Alexa, they come and taddle on who is talking (but you BOTH were talking)… the arguments are endless.  If I am really lucky a WWE match will break out in their room.  Bedtime is especially fun if my husband has to work late and I am here manning the house alone AND I have to work the next day.

I am a stickler about bedtimes.  Kids need to sleep.  I need to sleep.  Without sleep everyone is crazy.  Wait, I already live in a crazy house…. run by toddlers.  My kids also run bedtime.

Tonight Sam is out of her bed again to taddle on Ems.  She begins her statement like this: “I’m not here to make you mad but…”

“But you are here to taddle.  Go to sleep.”

“Ems did…”  At this point I stopped listening.  All I can think of is sleep myself.

I have tried lavender oil, sleep essential oil blend, Sam has a weighted blanket, Ems has a night light…. AND they still won’t sleep.  All I can say is I long for days when my kids are teenagers so we will all sleep again… because we all know teenagers can sleep.


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