What do you remember about being pregnant?


In honor of Em’s birthday, this is a picture of her celebrating 4 and me in preschool when I was 4.  Who else had hair like mine when they were little?  My mom really took the time to do my hair (thanks, mom).  Nowadays I am lucky if Sam and Ems can wash the shampoo out of their hair in the shower.

I always wanted to have girls.  I always thought I would have nothing but girls.  Boy was I wrong.

You know that old wives tale about the slow heartbeat being a girl and the fast one being the boy?  It’s totally true.  Both my girls were slow and the boys were fast.

I ate strawberries and ice cream with Ems and now she loves both.  Did you guys find that the things you craved when you were pregnant your kid’s love?  Mine do.  Sam is fanatical about pineapples and I used to go to Golden Corral for yeast rolls, strawberries, and pineapples.  I used my pregnancy as an excuse for eating that combination of stuff.

When I was pregnant with Sam I ate so much Papa John’s pineapple pizza that when I called to order it they asked me if I wanted the usual.  YES!  I also ate a ton of mint chocolate chip ice cream from Brusters.  It’s funny how I can remember my pregnancy by food.  I do love food though.  I really loved food when I was pregnant.  I think what I liked most of all about being pregnant was that I had a built-in table using my stomach to hold my plates.

In all actuality, I hated being pregnant.  If you are one of the ones that enjoy it, I salute you.  It wasn’t for me.  I was so big that people always asked me if I was carrying twins and I waddled like a duck everywhere I went.  I dreaded the scale.

And if you had a natural birth?  You are a hero.  I wanted all the medicine when I had Sam. I, unfortunately, ended up with 4 C-Sections.  I don’t recommend those, but if you need them I guess there’s no other way to have a baby.  Believe me, I tried to have those babies naturally.  I ate spicy stuff, drank castor oil, bounced on a ball, rubbed clary sage on my stomach and NOTHING worked.  I don’t recommend any of those either.   Don’t go on Google looking for “how to induce a baby” because nothing works.  Only time I suppose.

As I enter the stage of Em’s being 4 I remember how much I loved it when Sam was four. Four is a really fun age.  They are potty trained (mostly, Ems did wake me up last night after she peed in the floor and I stepped in it), they talk, and they can do things with me.  I am really looking forward to this next age, and also not having #threeunderfour anymore.

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