Who runs your house?

My husband and I run our house.  We have jobs, pay our bills, take care of our kids… all that good stuff.  We are adults. We are responsible.  We are in charge.


Wrong.  If you have toddlers, or kids, in general, you know this to be a lie.  Our kids run our house.  After our sweet innocent newborns transformed into destructive toddlers, we learned real quick who was in charge.  Our control was slipping.

Consider this:

When a kid is hungry and demands food who makes it? Parents.

When a kid is sick, who drops everything to tend to them? Parents.

When a kid has a tantrum in public, who is quick to cater to that child? Parents.

Who do we spend ALL OUR MONEY ON? Kids.

Who did we need to buy a 7 seater car for and take on another car payment for?  Our kids.

You get the picture I am sure.

Since we have 5 kids, you are probably wondering: Do ALL five run your house?

The answer is no.  Sometimes they share reign, other times one of them reigns, but most often Ems runs our house.  If you have a girl, you know.  One pouty face look when she’s in trouble and it’s over.  She’s cute and manipulative all in one.

They say women run the world.  I disagree.  It’s toddlers.

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