Hashtags and GOOD boys…

So Emerson’s birthday is Wednesday, May 1.  She’s going to be four, which means I won’t have three under the age of four anymore.  It also means, I need a new hashtag for my social media posts.  #Threeunderfive isn’t appealing enough.  It doesn’t envoke the feelings #threeunderthree or #threeunderfour does.  Lots of people have three under five (I think right?).  Who knows.  Outside work and home I don’t socialize with other moms much so I have no clue how many kids under what age anyone has.  Anyways, I need a new hashtag.  BADLY.  So I thought I would look at the pictures on my phone for some inspiration.  This is what I came up with.

#givemeallthejunk #idonteatmomscooking






Of course, these are just working hashtags.  I’m still thinking of funnier ones.

So I took the picture of my boys yesterday in the cart.  We went to Walmart to get dish soap.  Another mom saw my boys in their cart and said to her daughter, (who was probably Lincs age) “Why can’t YOU be like these boys?  They are well behaved and staying in their cart!”.

I looked around, surely she couldn’t be saying this about Lincs and Nolie.  There had to be another mom with actual kids who behaved (you guys know the destruction Lincs can cause singlehandedly).  There was no other mom around with kids.

She was talking to me.

I told her that looks can be deceiving.  After all, Lincs just had a HUGE meltdown in the car for like 20 minutes because he couldn’t go to his Nana’s.  I will admit that it did make me feel a little better having someone else comment on their behavior.

However, it didn’t last long because as soon as we hit the frozen food section, Nolan had Linc’s hair in his fist yanking it out, and soon Lincs retaliate by doing the same.

However, #wesurvived.

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