Do you set goals?

Can I get a weekend for my weekend?  Is that a thing?  If so, sign me up, I am exhausted.  What mom isn’t?  Who has seen that video where the mom is cleaning and as she is cleaning, her kid is behind her making a mess?  That is how it is.  Daily.

Has anyone gotten ahold of Chip and Johanna’s housekeeper?  My house currently looks like we fought World War 3 here.  I need them.  Desperately.

On a real note, it’s awesome to remember that it doesn’t matter how insane my life is, or how messy my house is God still loves me.  I don’t have to have it all together for that.  It makes me feel a little better about that mound of laundry on my sofa and dishes in my sink.  I am tasked with taking care of my kids, and as long as I do that well, it’s all that matters.

And as we go into the new week, I like to set goals for myself personally.  Lately, I’ve been setting two goals:

  1.  DO NOT compare yourself to anyone.  No other moms (because we all have our flaws), and no other teachers (because we all have own challenges within our classrooms).  It is exhausting to compare myself to everyone, especially when we all have different circumstances.
  2. Worry about nothing, pray about everything.  There are so many things that are out of our control daily.  Give it to God.

I encourage you to set a goal this week!

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