What’s going on here?

What day is it? It’s not May, so it can’t be Mother’s Day, right?  It’s still April. Is it a special day for moms?  Something has to be going on today.

Something magical happened today.  My kids made me breakfast in bed AND my husband made me coffee.  And they let me sleep in!  WHAT?  This stuff doesn’t happen often.

So since it’s not mother’s day, I’m thinking my kids did something and they are seeking repentance.   Who’s seen the Sour Patch Kids commercial where the candy shaved the kids head then acted all sweet when it was over?  That commercial represents my kids perfectly.   Actually, if you polled every mom in the world, they would agree that this is all kids.  Period.

So I surveyed the house looking for signs of damage or destruction, I could find none.  Still searching…

Until then I took a picture for proof that this actually happened.

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