Dinner time torture

How do I get my kids to eat ALL of their food without complaining and throwing it on the floor?  It’s possible, I promise.

Take them to KFC.  I promise it’s a win-win.  They clear their plates and I didn’t cook.  I would call it a victory.  These are my boys before Linc started crawling under the table and throwing a ballon across the restaurant:

We don’t take them out to eat hardly ever.  If we do it’s through the drive-through.  Sometimes my husband wants to be brave and take them to a sit-down place, but seriously, it’s just not possible.  Actually, it’s possible, but not out leaving the place a disaster.  And I’m not that person to leave a public place destroyed by my toddlers.  Now, my house is a different story.

However, the times we don’t take them out for food or are not on the go, I cook.  I’d say I cook 6-7 nights a week.  The other night its pizza or something super simple.  But it’s not that easy to get my kids to eat at home.  We have one super picky eater that sometimes would rather starve than eat.  We also have one that will eat anything and everything in sight.

This is how our dinner goes, maybe yours goes the same way.

“KIDS!  Dinner is done.  I made manicotti tonight and hand stuffed the noodles with a homemade cheese mixture.  It took at least an hour and it smells delicious!”

Seriously, it was really good.

My kids: “GOLDFISH!!”

“I’m not hungry.”

“I already ate.” (That was lunch like 5 hours ago, this is dinner.)

Me: “You can have ice cream.  I have dessert (which I don’t, but any attempt to get them to eat is good enough for me.  Is it bad I assumed that they probably won’t eat anyway?)

My kids: “I don’t like ice cream.”  (Yea right and pigs fly. What kid doesn’t like ice cream?).

Also my kids:  Let me eat this cheerio that was dropped on the floor.  Not my mom’s homemade meal.

2 thoughts on “Dinner time torture

  1. Oh, honey, this is all too familiar! We have a finicky eater who won’t eat homemade pizza, only the one that comes out of a box. Why? Because the former is rectangular and the latter circular. We’ve had to buy a circular tray just to bake her Majesty’s pizza… She’ll also eat pickles with chocolate-chip cookies sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese–for breakfast!


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