The two stages of toddler destruction

You know that saying, “It can’t get any worse?”  Whoever coined that saying never had a toddler.  Or two toddlers.  Or three.   Or probably kids in general.  That saying is highly inaccurate when talking about life in my house.  If you have anxiety or OCD look away now.  Just disregard my post because it will make you crazy.

Now, in Lincoln’s defense, I did not clean up his room from yesterday.  Life happened, and my kids had their cousins over, I cooked and cleaned other parts of the house and then had to deal with Ems being sick and eventually taking her to the hospital for a high fever.  And my husband wasn’t home because he was out running errands and dealing with some of his family stuff.  So there’s that going for Lincs.  However, he did proceed to destroy his room even further this morning.  I figure there are two stages to Lincs making a mess.   Stage 1: Linca smash.  This stage he is just breaking or making a small mess.  I can compare this to maybe a thunderstorm with high winds.  State 2: Linca DESTROY.  This is the ultimate destruction.  Nothing is intact when he is done (see picture below).  I can compare this to a Cat 5 Hurricane.

So, in terms of toddler destruction, it can get worse.  So my tip for dealing with toddler boys: keep them in their crib AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.  We did not follow this rule, therefore we need to suffer the consequences (total home destruction).


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