What do unicorns and three kids under four have in common?

Spring Break before kids…
20190419_0956498659715330340545520.jpg Spring Break After Kids…

While the rest of the world is vacationing on Spring Break, these are some of my lovely shots from my Spring Break.  (I left out the playroom disaster and the mount of laundry for another post).  But seriously, I feel like these photos are spot on.  I remember the day before kids and Spring Break.  I went to Hawaii.  I went to Myrtle Beach.  Ah, those were the days.  Now, it’s coffee all day, yoga pants (if I am not working) and being the ring master of ALL the fights.

Does anyone else in the world have three kids THIS close together?  I feel three under three, or three under four is like a unicorn.  I’ve imagined it’s out there, but I’ve never actually witnessed it.  I’ve even gone as far as to google “three under three” “three under four” in hopes I would find some tips or maybe even a special parenting manual on how to survive.  I didn’t find much, however, I did find something.  Someone said always tidy the house before you leave with your kids.  WHAT?  Tidy the house?  BEFORE I leave?  EACH TIME?

I quickly learned that Google is not my friend.  This advice and others wasn’t me.  Let me paint you a picture.  My favorite line when getting out of the house with all my kids is “HURRY!  WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!”  In fact, if I was going to write an autobiography it probably would be titled : “We are going to be late: A true story of one mom.”  Or something along those lines.

Anyways, after I realize we are actually late, shoes are flying around, I am trying to find shoes for each kid.  I have four kids most of the time, so four multiplied by two feet is eight, plus my two is ten.  Ten shoes.  Someone has eaten a snack behind my back, gotten it on their shirt so that needs to be changed.  That shirt ends up on my floor waiting to be picked up later.

So, to that mom who “tidies” her home before she leaves, you are a hero.  You go above and beyond.  For the rest of us, I will provide one practical tip to help you get any kinds of kids out the door and be on time: Start preparing months in advance because that is how long it will take you to get out of the house.

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