Do you have nice things? I sure don’t.

What do you think happened to this?  I’ll give you a minute to think about all the possibilities.  As you are thinking, imagine how hard you have to pull this charger apart to rip it.  I tried it after it broke.  It’s hard, I couldn’t do it.  Unless you are my husband who did it with no effort.

Anyways, back to how it ripped.  Any ideas?  I’ll give you a hint.  For once, it WASN’T my boys.  It was a shock for me too.  My boys are insanely destructive.  There is a reason we joke and say “Linca smash” to Lincoln (although we don’t need to encourage his behavior, I know).  They have one mission daily: Destroy everything in sight.  And they are great at it.

It was my girls.  Now, they don’t have phones.  They have no need for a charger.  So why were they fighting over it AND pulling on it so hard it ripped?  Have you ever wondered why kids fight over things?  Most of the time it’s ridiculous stuff.  I just don’t get it.

How much money do you think you have spent buying stuff for your kids just to find it went missing or broke?  I probably have spent thousands.  I could be on a nice cruise to the Bahamas, kid free, getting my tan on with all of the money I spent on stuff.  Why do we do it?

More importantly, how to Chip and Joanna keep a clean home AND they have five kids also?  Someone give me the name of their home cleaning service… or whatever their secret is.

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