Where’s Lincoln?

Where is Lincoln?  The answer is a lot of different things.  It could be the capital city of Nebraska, a brand of a car… or my son.

See, Lincoln is two.  So that means a lot of things.  First, it means that we are going through the terrible twos.  It also means he is INTO EVERYTHING.  Several times an hour, I catch myself asking someone around me, “WHERE’S LINCOLN?”  He is like Dash from the Incredibles. One minute he is here, the next he is gone.  There is nothing scarier in life than the silent sound of a toddler.  It literally only means one thing: total destruction.

So then, you may also ask, “Have you ever lost him?”  No, but I now understand why my mom had a child leash for us when we were growing up.  Some people arn’t in favor of that, but we have three kids under the age of four, so several times a day so it seems necessary.

Wait… you have how many kids??  Under what age??

I said it.  Three under four.  They are all 13 months apart.  And it’s as crazy as it sounds.  One, two, three.  AND a seven and eight year old.

“So how do you do IT ALL?”  I get that question often too.  As I begin to write this blog, I will share all of my secrets and tips for how I am raising all of my kiddos, working (yes full time!), managing my house and (attempting) to keep my sanity.  Enjoy!

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